Tuesday Taylor & Taylor
Jones Reference Page
Who is Tuesday?
Tuesday Taylor is Ideal's answer to Barbie. Tuesday Taylor was introduced in the mid 70's and had
a pretty short run ending in 1978. When she was first introduced, Tuesday had this infamous
rotating scalp that switched from blonde to brunette and back again just by turning the scalp. They
all had blue eyes with rooted eyelashes. The second edition that was released was the Suntan
Tuesday Taylor doll. She came with a sheet of suntan doodle stickers that when the doll was placed
in the sun would give her a tattooed look. She had some friends too. Suntan Eric & Suntan Dodi.
Eric was also sold in an earlier package with a brown long sleeve top, beige pants and shoes. And
then there's Taylor Jones. She's the African-American version and has hair that switches from dark
black to an auburn-reddish brown color. There was also a Beauty Queen Tuesday Taylor doll who
is a great doll that has only blonde hair that does not change to brunette. She is a straight leg doll
that comes dressed in an orange and yellow ribbon bathing suit with orange platform shoes. The
platform shoes have magnets on the soles to attach to her round stand. The stand is just a circular
metal disk that says Tuesday Taylor on it. Then the last edition of Tuesday Taylor was the Super
Model with her Fashion Stepper. The Fashion Stepper allowed Tuesday to walk like the Walk
Lively Barbie & Steffie dolls of the 70's. She had blonde hair that is usually styled in a curlier hair
style and, like the Beauty Queen doll, she does not have rooted eyelashes. The Super Model
Tuesday also came in a black version but she was not named Taylor Jones as the previous black
dolls had been. (I wish she had been!) Tuesday had the coolest Penthouse and she also had a very
versatile 2 level vacation home. These came with some very cool accessories! Tuesday also had a
nice selection of outfits made for her. Unfortunately there were no outfits made for Eric or Dodi.
These outfits as well as the Penthouse can be quite an undertaking to find and collect. My personal
collection has taken me a handful of years now to put together and I still don't have it all.
dolls and outfits are just for reference, not for sale!
The first outfits made for Tuesday were Convertible Fashions and each came with an accessory. There are 6
outfits in this series.
Then in 1977, Ideal made the Starshine collection. This is a fantastic series of outfits that if you find them,
consider yourself lucky! They can tend to be scarce! This series has 6 outfits in it.
This beautiful blue dress and cape set oozes with simple elegance. The dress is very similar to the original
blue dress for Tuesday Taylor but featured a floral panel above the waist made of the same fabric as the
cape. The long tie is a bulky & thick piece of knit material so I just toss one side over the shoulder. The cape
just flows around her. It's one of Tuesday's most desirable outfits!
Gold lame` gown and hooded netted-mesh cape made a wild outfit for Tuesday! The waist has cut out sides.
This outfit is very sweet and is a hard to find outfit for Tuesday. It features a white flounced full skirt
with pale blue ruffle and matching cape with braided trim. Barely visible in my picture is a rose accent on
the left side of the bodice. This outfit is a rare softer look for Tuesday.
A very bold outfit made of black satin and pink fur! This is a great outfit for Tuesday but you better be
careful with it. This is a such a form fitting outfit that Tuesday can quite literally burst the seams! The one
piece I'm missing is the pink ribbon neckband with rosette on it. The black stockings only come up to the mid
calf area.
Dodi is the adorable little sister
of Tuesday Taylor. She has a
bright and happy look to her
face. She is made from the same
head and body mold as the 1960's
Dodi doll who was a Tammy &
Pepper Family Doll Friend. Dodi
is a Suntan doll and came with
her "Suntan Doodles" sheet (not
shown) to make cute tatooes. The
red floral print bikini has tiny
red ribbons on the sides.
This is the Beauty Queen Tuesday
Taylor. Notice the flat disk for
her stand and magnetic platform
Taylor Jones is
popular with
collectors She
has a red suit
and matching
white skirt.
They tend to
command a
higher price
than the white
counterpart if
found in mint
The Suntan Collection
There are 12 outfits in this collection ranging from the daring, soft & sweet to down right naughty!
I wish the top hadn't slid in off the dress
form so you could see that this is a nice
outfit! Great colors on the wrap skirt for
Tuesday with a knot at the top and a
naughty peek a boo bodice.
This is a beautiful set of pink knit with
a soft looking sheer capelet. This outfit
doesn't come around too often!
Another challenging outfit to find is
this burnt red/orange dress that has a
wide skirt with silver belt and edging
on the top. What you don't see in the
picture is a built in necklace at the
top of fine amber/gold like beads!
This is a sharp dress!! Red sheer fluted material over nylon tricot skirt with a brocade
bodice. There are variations in the coloring of the bodice. Some have more green like the
dress on the left and some are more on the pale side like this dress in the package.
A close up of Beauty
Queen Tuesday's metal
Suntan Tuesday Taylor with her original white and gold
foil trim bikini, caftan, white heels, original stand and
those hysterical gold and black glasses.
This outfit is rare. The only ski outfit made
for Tuesday is made of vivid orange pants
with yellow front piping, yellow jacket with
fur collar and cuffs and coordinating yellow
hat. The only thing they didn't think of was
boots! Poor girl has to hit the slopes in
platform heels or the original white shoes!
This is a cute outfit made of lavender
polyester knit with a braided ribbon
belt and white crochet shawl. It doesn't
show up too well but there's also a
coordinating hat in there too.
This outfit was normally packaged and a part of the Suntan Collection but my version was crammed into a
Special Value Collection package. I believe a few other outfits have had the same thing done. Probably an
end of production "use up what we've got" deal from the factory. Unfortunately because of this packaging
you can't see what a cute outfit it is inside. It's a white skin revealing tunic with orange, yellow & green
large floral print toward the bottom and hangs over long orange knit pants. It's very bright and flirty!
This ought to be titled "Sheer
elegance". This is a gorgeous outfit
made of yellow knit single strap dress
with a soft yellow and orange floral
pattern with orange ribbon/flower
accent at the neck. The sheer material is
fragile, so if you are lucky enough to
find one, handle it gently! This a very
sweet look for Tuesday.
Yowza! This is a brave outfit to give
a child to play with, huh?! Naughty,
naughty Tuesday. Does your mom
know you're wearing that!
This tropical themed outfit has
pretty colors but the top isn't much
bigger than a band-aid!
This is a sharp suit for Tuesday!
Almost looks like an airline
stewardess outfit. A navy blue
crushed velvet suit with beret and
"TT" clutch purse. It's super tight
and the jacket is super snug on the
sleeves and shoulders! No blouse, just
a white satin bow at the neck.
Another pretty look for Tuesday is this
yellow and orange zig-zag stitched trim tunic
& skirt with a blue, orange and green belt to
give contrast. I think it has an almost Native
American Indian inspired style (only thing
missing is some fringe & boots!)
This is Tuesday's main squeeze,
Eric! This doll is the first issue
with a dark brown long sleeve
top, tan pants and shoes. The
more commonly seen issue of Eric
is the Suntan Eric who wears a
simple orange beach suit and has
no shoes. Eric is a solidly built
doll with a slightly too big for his
head body! But the nice feature
is that he can move his arms
outward as well as forwards. I
think Ideal took inspiration from
Arnold Schwarzenegger!
Peignoir set came with
white tv & white lacy
bra & panties under the
robe. The tv has a ski
lodge/snow scene and
brown "handle" sticker
This outfit normally came with blue pants.
My set came with yellow pants that were
later used with a store catalog exclusive.
There's no telling how many variations to
this set there are. Both straps are supposed
to go over the shoulders.
The Special Value Collection
Don't be fooled by the name. This line of outfits, though while cheaper, had some great looks! There were
12 total.  
Cute & springy. This mint green jumpsuit has
pink & white soft trim on the top & the
sleeves are attached on the underarm seam
area. A pretty display outfit!
A wild print jumpsuit that came in 2
variations (maybe a third as well!). This one
is more of a nylon tricot material. There are
little yellow vinyl/plastic shoulder straps.
The braided belt adds a nice touch!
Another flirty but really cute pink dress
with a netted white waist. The hat is a
simple white nylon tricot with flowerette.
You'll recognize the material used
for this totally see through halter
and pants set. I think this looks more
like pajamas.
Stay tuned!
I've got more items coming to this page. Also coming are some catalog pieces, and later
I'll have the Tuesday Taylor Vacation Home added here too!
Only Tuesday can take a basic orange
dress and make it look great! Tricky to
get on a doll but she wears it well! The
hood lining is a pretty floral print and
there is an orange flower on the back of
the hood with a pearl button center.
I've seen the lining in 2 variations. One
with blue flowers and 1 without.
Tuesday looks sweet and cuddly in this
pink nightgown with white trim and
flower at the waist. The sleeves have an
almost medieval flare to their cut, only
shorter. This is Tuesday's only
At first this dress comes off as looking very
basic and plain but look again. It's a very
sexy dress. The top fits her like a glove.
Reddish/orange zig-zag stitching and the
thin braided neck tie gives some needed
A pretty color combination of light
blue tricot and yellow denim with
zig-zag stitching make a nice casual
outfit for Tuesday.
Another variation of the wild print
jumpsuit. Only this one is made of a nicer
soft fleecy knit like material. The purple
and yellow colors really pop on Tuesday.
This loose outfit is missing the pretty
braided belt.
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These are the Suntan Doodles
and the original instruction sheet
for them.
Go from brunette to blonde with a twist
of the scalp! No other fashion doll has
ever done this (other than Tiffany
Interesting to note that since Tuesday
can't even dream of getting in the
orange bodysuit, Dodi figured she'd give
it a try and voila`!
It's a very grown up cut of a bodysuit
for a little girl doll but since Dodi
didn't have any clothes made for her
other than her original outfit, I just
took a shot at it and there she is.
Scary enough too, is that the yellow
jumpsuit fits too. It's just too long in
the legs and a little long in the arms. I
haven't actually made the leap of faith
to go ahead and trim the legs to really
make it Dodi's. Not sure if I can do it.
I'm a purist at heart!
The blue Tuesday top and yellow jeans set was also available as a catalog
exclusive (they're still in the box). The catalog exclusive had a yellow fleecy
jumpsuit with a braided belt and orange bodysuit. They came in a plain brown
box. The jumpsuit & bodysuit just came in a little plastic baggie. Don't even try
to put this on your dolls. You'll blow the seams clear apart! You'd be lucky to get
her lower legs in it. Not sure what Ideal was thinking with this one!
The jumpsuit set is Tuesday's only catalog exclusive!
And the grand finale of the Tuesday Taylor outfit collection are the "Super Model" outfits. There are 6
total. They were sold in 1978. They are the only Tuesday outfits to have been given names. One can only
imagine what Ideal could have created next. These outfits just sparkle on display! They are difficult to find
but they do exist! A little patience is all that's required to collect them but trust me, they are worth it!
"Just Fabulous"
White satin with gold spots and bright
gold braided trim. A shimmering gold
headwrap completed the look. It's got a
vintage look to it! The necklace was not
included. (Taylor swiped it from
Superstar Christie)
"Saturday Night"
Tuesday is ready for a night on the town
in this tiered pink & coral skirt. The gold
blouse really makes it shine!
"Pink Sensation"
"Fantasy 'N Pink"
Not as glitzy as the other Super Model
outfits but by no means boring! This hot
pink 2 piece set is vivid and so pretty on
display! The lacy trim softened the look.
Very sweet!
Pink satin and hot pink collide to
create a smart but sassy look for
Tuesday. The gold trim gives it
pizazz. The flowers could come in a
myriad of color combinations.
"Glitter Gown"
This outfit just makes you swoon! One
of Tuesday's most sought after and
hardest to find outfits. It's a gorgeous
gold sparkly knit with a gold lame`purse
and flower out the side. The only Super
Model outfit to have an accessory with
My personal favorite! This gown is
absolutely brilliant. It glows! It's daring,
it's sexy. It's pure Tuesday at her best!
Unfortunately "Beautiful Crissy" refuses to
let Tuesday have it back!
The red head doll is named "Beautiful Crissy and Her Skating Rink". She was not sold as part of the
Tuesday Taylor line but was only available in Australia. She's their version of the Dorothy Hamill doll.
Crissy has the exact same body as Tuesday but the markings on the back of her head are "H-284"
compared to Tuesday's "H-248". Her hair does not change colors and she does not have rooted
eyelashes like Tuesday. She can wear any of Tuesday's outfits. Many thanks to Beth C. for giving me
this info about her. She's one of my favorite dolls ever!
Montgomery Wards, Store Catalog Issues & Honorable Mentions that just happen to look really great
on Tuesday, Taylor Jones & Beautiful Crissy
All 3 of these outfits (blue fringed,
brown/orange and purple/silver) were a
set from Montgomery Wards.
I could be wrong but I want to say the
actual manufacturer was Mego. Mego
was notorious for using the shimmering
fabrics like the purple and silver outfit.
The quality of the fabrics used are
This gown shimmers even in low light! It's a
beautiful dark blue with silver threaded fabric.
This fabric has been used for several outfits of
the 70's. Most likely issued by Montgomery
Wards. The fabric is very reminiscent of the
type that Mego has used for many items.
This outfit was issued by Montgomery
Wards and made by Mego. And yes
Tuesday is wearing Cher's white platform
heels. They came with this dress. This
form fitting dress looks fantastic on
A note for the collectors out there...Tuesday only had the original white open toe sandals. On the back
of the original packaging there are some pictures showing dark blue shoes. To my knowledge they were
never manufactured. It is possible that they are merely a factory sample and were never put on the
open market. I have heard of people dying shoes but I personally won't unless I'm sure the color
won't bleed onto my dolls feet. But if you really want some variety in Tuesday's footwear, you can use
the Mego Cher shoes. They fit nicely, they're fairly easy to get, and you can get them in several
different colors. Cher's mint green heels are a perfect match for Tuesday's mint green Special Value
Collection Jumpsuit!
Deja vu? Nope! You are seeing the same gold
fabric used in Tuesday's Super Model
"Starglow" outfit. I went over both outfits
up and down. The fabric inside and out is
exactly the same. This 2 piece skirt set is
really nice but the waist is cut a bit wide
(not stretched out elastic though) and the
jacket has no snap closures. The top/jacket
has a nice fit though. Unfortunately it's not
tagged so I can't be 100% sure of it's
origin but it was definately made in the 70's.
This is an orange hooded nylon tricot
coverup with yellow rik rak trim. What
doesn't show up too well is the very
pretty blue and floral bikini. Green cord
accent at the bodice gave the coverup a
gathered look.
Christmas Catalog
Page from Sears'
Wish Book 1978.
The yellow
jumpsuit and
orange bodysuit
are also featured
in the middle. The
red & white van
and the vacation
home on top were
not Ideal issue
items and were
sold for any 11
1/2 fashion doll.
These vans do
exist. They are
very hard to find
and would be cute
to display with
Tuesday. I have
yet to ever see
one of these
Sears issue
vacation homes.
Sears was
notorious for
pushing their
brand items first
and you can see
the Ideal
Vacation House
was given a
smaller picture
on the bottom!
A page from the
Montgomery Wards
Christmas Catalog
from 1977. This one
features Dodi as well
as Tuesday and the
Vacation House. Note
Tuesday modeling 4
swimsuit outfits.
These sets came in a
myriad of variations
and styles. It's fun
to chase these down!
If you've ever seen the Brady Bunch episode with BeBe Gallini (a client of Mike Brady's), then you'll get a
sense of the inspiration that Ideal must have gotten for this outfit. "Dalling, It must be pink" It's
absolutely gorgeous! The skirt of the dress is open on the sides but there is a loop of thread on each side by
the calf to keep it from flying open.
A fun little outfit in lavender and
lace trim. Pink gro-grain ribbons
tie around the ankles. It's very
pretty but the top can slide easily
out of place.
There's no denying what this dress is
modeled after. An 11 1/2 inch version
of Mego's Cher "Gown of Paradise" in
pale pink. Not the first Mego Cher
dress to be copied in this size. I have
not seen other colors of this yet, but
the possibilities are endless!
This dress used beautiful
shimmering black and red fabrics.
The cut & style is about as boring
and straight edged as anybody
could ever have dreamed up. All it
needed was some detail on the cuts
of the side seams and hems.
This is the only example of this variation I
have ever come across. Doesn't mean it
wasn't mass produced, just elusive. By far,
this is my favorite version to date. Pretty
floral fabric that is made from the soft
fleecy knit material as the
purple/yellow/black version shown above.
So that's at least 4 variations of this
made that are known about. How many
more could be lurking out there....hhmmm...