Clone Vintage
Mod & 70's Era
Fashion Dolls
This page is devoted to clone dolls all from the 60's 70's & into the 80's. They all come dressed as you
see pictured. If they are pictured with accessories, they will be included too! Stands are NOT included
unless otherwise noted!
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Strawberry (Apricot) Blond Twist 'N Turn Clone Doll in
Catalog Pink Tracksuit/Jumpsuit
Excellent Condition
Hong Kong
This is a great looking clone doll! She is nicely made and
has beautiful hair color. It's not exactly strawberry blond
but not a standard blond either. It's really an apricot
color & it looks great on her. It's got some frizz on the
back but still lots of shine on the top of her head too. See
if you can work with it a little more intensely and get it
smoothed out. I did create a homemade headband for
her to tame it downward. That will be included with her
when she ships to you. Her face is great. She's got peachy
lip paint with no rubs. No green stains! She has a twisting
waist body and poseable arms & straight legs. No missing
toes. The arms are a softer vinyl/plastic. Left hand looks
great. the right ring finger & top edge of the middle
finger are slightly cuff off. The pinky, index and thumb
are all there. So it's just a little short but still a nice
display. She will come wearing an adorable pink
jumpsuit/tracksuit with red and white piping trim and
white soft knit cuffs and collar. Snap closure on back is a
little loose on one half on the middle back. The upper
snap closure is secure. The suit is very clean and bright!
No stains or fading! Only one flaw and that is on the back
of the left shoulder needs some restitching. I pictured
this so you can get a good idea. It fits her beautifully! I
dare say this was made for a clone doll because it would
be way too tight on a normal Barbie doll. The shoes were
mint condition, but sadly this little girls feet split them
over time. The one since I've taken the picture has sadly
split on me, so just consider the shoes as a throw in. I'm
sorry about that. They were nice before I left them on
her. Overall a fantastic looking clone doll in a very cute
suit! She'll make a great display in your collection! $10
  Sandy Blond Clone Doll in Crop Pants & Striped Tank
Very Good Condition
Made by Shi Pai M&C Plastic & Toy Factory
in Dongguan China (markings on back). #2105-111 on back
of head.
She is a cute doll with pretty color sandy blond hair.
Looks full and uncut. Just needs a nice wash & comb and
she'll be wonderful. The only issue on this doll is that the
right leg no longer bends. The left holds 2 positions. She
has flat feet. More like a Skipper doll but she's 11 1/2" tall.
Pretty face with no rubs. A little dark smudge on the nose
but that will wash off. Pretty violet eyes. No earring holes.
Side slanting twist and turn waist like an older Barbie
doll. All fingers & toes are nice. She will display great! She
wear a cute pair of pink trimmed elastic crop pants. They
have blue, yellow, red & pink trim on the pocket area &
velcro closure on back. Very clean! The top is very clean
too! Base color is yellow with red white & blue stripes.
Both of these pieces are likely made by Mattel. They are
well made! She's a cute doll! $2
  Cinderella Clone Doll in Original Dress
Very Good/Excellent Condition
Made in China
She has a shorter hair style pulled up in the back with
platinum hair and blue eyes. I do not think the hair has
been cut. This looks like it was her original style. Just
needs a little wash & comb to make it look great again.
Not terribly frizzy. Just a pinch dry but will look really
nice once given that reset. She has white stud earrings.
Nice face paint with no rubs. She wear a light blue & white
long gown with white cotton underwear underneath. The
dress looks pretty good! Looks clean. A little long past her
feet but I do believe this is her in her original dress. The
dress does have a velcro closure on back, white sheer hip
ruffles. I do see a stress seam on the left side. A loose
thread as well on that center left lower seam. Still a nice
display. She has a twist and turn waist and bending
knees. The knees both bend and hold 2 positions each.
These being clone dolls, please bend them carefully. They
can snap at the hip joint just trying to bend a knee (I had
one of these dolls break a hip joint, so just be aware). This
doll is not broken, but the legs can sway while you try to
bend a knee. She has more narrow legs with skinny
pointy feet. No cuts, chews or stains. All fingers & toes are
nice. She is really cute in person. Nice doll! $5
Titian Haired Clone Doll in Barbie Dress
Very Good Condition
Made in China
She's a pretty girl. Not sure if she should be dressed as a
princess doll or not. She's one of several I have that did
come in princess clone outfits. She is going to arrive to
you wearing the blue, pink & violet dress shown. It's a
Barbie dress with a velcro closure on the back. Nice
condition! The doll has pretty titian hair in a braid with
blue & violet eyes. She will need a good wash, comb &
restyle for her hair. It is played with and needs some help
for playtime & some frizz at the ends and what's loose
out of the braid. There is one missing hair plug in the
front center. She wears her original silver stud earrings.
She has very nice makeup with no rubs. Her body is in
great shape. All fingers & toes are in nice shape. No cuts,
chews or stains. No melt marks. Both knees hold 2 bent
positions each. She did not come to me with shoes, sorry!
Uneeda Wendy Titian Head
Excellent Condition
Fantastic potential with this head. No missing plugs. It's
slightly dry hair but will comb through fine, just take
your time to not break it. It is two tone hair. Light
strawberry with white. What's on the back & sides is
shorter than what's on the front. I'm not sure if that's
how they were done new or not. I didn't have one as a kid
but I know a vintage Barbie would all have long hair. I'm
sure it can be styled nicely. It does not look abused. Nice
face paint with dark eyes and pink lips. A little wear on
the eyebrow paint but still mostly there. Same for the
eyelash ridge on the right eye. She has no earring holes
and no green or brown stains. No neck splits! This is
going to be a wonderful display doll. She has the "U"
mark on the back of her head! Sorry I don't have another
body available for her!