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Here you’ll find lots of great fashion dolls, doll clothing, accessories, shoes and other vintage items. My specialities are
mod & 70’s era Barbie Dolls, Tuesday Taylor, Tiffany Taylor, Crissy Family, Darci, Fashion Candi, Dawn, Hasbro &
Kenner Dolls, Penny Brite, Tressy, Cher and even some 70’s clone dolls too!
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Keep an eye out for many more beautiful Barbie, Clone Fashion Doll & Cher Mego fashions
coming this week!
I have several new items coming! So keep checking in!
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Here's a sneak peek at what's new to the site this week!
Puff 'n Play Sofa & Ottoman Set
Barbie "Fluff" Cat Set
Honey Hill Bunch Dolls
I am now accepting online payments via Paypal only!!
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Some Puff n Play Furniture, Honey Hill Bunch Dolls! Mini Baby Beans & Barbie Babysits added to
the "Mattel Brand Items" Page as well!
Also a few pieces added to the "Other Doll Furniture" page for vintage doll houses too!
Many more on the way!
Mini Baby Beans & Barbie Babysits Doll
4 Piece Puff 'n Play Bedroom Set with Rug!